legal Services

Commercial Law

We have expertise in the negotiation and drawing up of commercial contracts and the recovery of claims. We offer full legal support and successfully represent sole partnerships or companies, providing legal advice to Greek and foreign investors.

  • Banking law
  • Commercial law
  • Contract law
  • Industrial and intellectual property law
  • Internet law
  • E-commerce law
  • European commercial law
  • Competition law
  • Bankruptcy law


Civil Law

We provide full support to private individuals and companies on a consulting and judicial level, covering the full range of Civil Law.

  • Civil contracts law
  • Property law
  • Family law
  • Employment law
  • International private law
  • Torts
  • Inheritance law
  • Contract law

 Management of Property

We have many years of experience and professional training in the provision of services of legal, technical and commercial management, evaluation and research of property, as well as their stages of development, either in cooperation with your associates or with our team of associates (notaries, experts, civil engineers, economists, tax experts, foresters, town planners, surveyors, technicians and so on)

  • Search of titles at the competent Land Registry/Cadastre
  • Assistance in evaluating property based on their commercial and rateable values
  • Assistance in the drawing up of e deeds of sale/purchase
  • Urban planning regime on property
  • Procedure for the registration/lifting of pre-notation of mortgages
  • Neighborhood law
  • Civil and commercial leases
  • Advice and examplesof handwritten Wills
  • Translation of documents from or to Greek, French, English and Albanian
  • Court actions and disputes
  • Divorce
  • Property law
  • Time-share


Administration of Communities of Owners

Paros Law works with professionals to provide a service of administration of communities of owners together with their team and has offices in the main areas of the islands which can resolve all your community problems and be close to you. Appointing Paros Law for the management of your community, is synonymous to professionalism, quality and service, all at the best price .


Basic Services for Communities of owners

  • Constitution of the Community of Owners and elaboration of the Statutes
  • General Administration and Secretarial service – Bilingual English – French service
  • Issue of receipts and collection management
  • Elaboration of quotes
  • Arrangement of ordinary and extraordinary community meetings
  • Draft and send of the minutes of the meetings
  • Efficient plan of administration and accountancy service
  • Legal assesment and consultation service to the Community.
  • Elaboration of the Statutes and the internal rules and regulations
  • Effective update of the insurance policy and representation, negociations and claims with the insurance companies.
  • Permanent information of the accounts and updated balances
  • Control and payment of the fiscal obligations


Tax Law

The support of our clients as regards issues of tax law constitutes an area of our practice, in close cooperation with tax experts and financial consultants of your choice or from our team of recommended associates.

  • Provision of strategic advice and resolutions on issues of tax law
  • Provision of personalized consulting services on a tax law basis.
  • Representation before tax authorities and courts