legal practice

We stand out because we offer specialized legal services, primarily focusing on your needs.

Main Areas of Practice

Tax Law

•    Businesses
•    Public Servants’ Law
•    Management of Institutions
•    Investments
•    Companies
•    Joint-ventures
•    Social Insurance
•    Mass Media / Advertising
•    Shipping Law
•    Finance Law
•    Personal Data

Road Accidents

•    Compensation for road accidents involving cars
•    Actions against insurance companies and the Auxiliary Fund

Banking Law

•    Indebted households
•    Tiresias
•    Loans
•    Seizures-auctions
•    Credit cards
•    Compulsory enforcement for recovery of debts
•    Seizures
•    Pre-notation of mortgages

Urban Planning Law

•    Unauthorized/illegal buildings/constructions
•    Legalization of semi-outdoor spaces

Industrial and Intellectual Property

•    Intellectual property rights
•    Trademarks
•    Protection of personal data

Family Law

•    Divorce
•    Child and spouse support
•    Custody-communication
•    Adoption
•    Judicial protection of incapable adults
•    Division of matrimonial assets


•    Lease disputes
•    Orders for restitution of use of leased property
•    Actions for decreases in the rental
•    Provision of legal advice regarding the law on commercial leases

Inheritance Law

•    Acceptance of inheritance
•    Renunciation of inheritance
•    Wills
•    Certificate of succession

Employment Law

•    Dismissal
•    Accrued Income
•    Work accident
•    Employment contracts

Dispute Resolution

•    Extra-judicial Consultation
•    Mediation
•    Human Rights Law

Commercial Law

•    Family Βbusinesses
•    Payment orders
•    Contracts
•    Establishment, dissolution, amendment of partnerships and limited companies, representation in General meetings and drawing up of minutes
•    IncreaseS/decreases in capital and related special issues, declaration of general meetings as being invalid
•    Company claims, replacement of Bof D, issues related to insolvency of companies, special issues related to minority shareholders, shareholders’ agreements outside the company, problems arising from the undercapitalization of companies, contracts of the company with members of the Bof D
•    Compulsory enforcement on tangible and intangible shares, seizure of same, pledge on shares and protection of founder’s share
•    Bankruptcy of companies, restructuring, penal procedure related to bankruptcy, adversarial proceedings
•    Legal support related to the pre-emptive and conversion rights
•    Establishment of off-shore companies, establishment of foreign companies in Greece, establishment of branch offices or
•    Legal support and information regarding the new method of establishment of companies-“One-Stop-Services”

Information Technology Law

•    Computer crime
•    E-commerce
•    Web-sites
•    Domain name

Management of Property and Investments

•    Holistic Approach in the exploitation of any assets
•    Capital investment and investments on all types of tangible or intangible rights

Insurance Law

•    Pensions


•    Free and unfair competition


•    Title search
•    Civil, commercial, rural property leases
•    Sales and purchases
•    Regulation of issues related to apartment buildings and disputes between joint-owners
•    Neighborhood law
•    Actions for recovery of property, actions for distribution of property, specialized issues on acquisitive prescription
•    Execution of notarial deeds on liens on real property
•    Land Registry applications and actions

Sports Law & Legal Entities Law

•    Establishment of Associations and Non-Profit Organizations
•    Amendments to Articles of Incorporation
•    Management of institutions
•    Informing on the special legislation governing different categories
•    Societies
•    Professional- Amateur Athletes